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Guidelines for Job Posting on JOBTABLE Website

Rules for User Registration

(( Requirements for User Registration

1. The Employer is permitted to create only one account on www.jobtable.com. If the previous profile has been completely deleted and the reason for re-registration is not related to a violation of portal rules, the User may create a new account.

2. It is mandatory to complete all fields on the registration form as instructed on the User registration page.

3. Employers who attempt to register for prohibited purposes include those:
- who knowingly post false information, advertise dubious commercial;
- enterprises such as financial 'pyramids,' and offer job seekers participation in network
- marketing (MLM);
- we provide services of a personal nature;
- do not insult users of the site;
- do not disseminate information that is contrary to the law.

(( Moderation Procedure for User (Employer) Profiles

1. User profile moderation occurs between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM during business hours.

2. The moderator may block a user's profile without providing an explanation.

3. The moderator reserves the right to edit or delete the user's profile or vacancies if they violate these rules.

Guidelines for Posting Job Openings

1. The advertisement must not contain any information that directly or indirectly restricts rights or provides advantages based on factors such as sex, race, color, nationality, language, origin, property, family, social or official status, and age, place of residence, religion, beliefs, or membership in any social groups. These factors are not related to the business qualities of employees.

2. Job postings in any language are allowed.

3. It is mandatory to complete all required fields on the job application form as indicated on the job-posting page.

4. Vacancy postings must not:
- this is not a job offer;
- advertising the services of companies or individuals;
- containing knowingly false information;
- containing inappropriate language;
- containing suggestions of an intimate nature;
- containing other information contrary to the laws of the United States.

5. The vacancy text must conform to the generally accepted norms of the English language. The following formatting is not allowed:
- the text is free from spelling, punctuation, and stylistic errors;
- avoid the use of profanity, obscene, and offensive language;
- the repeated use of abbreviations, as well as abbreviations that do not correspond to the generally accepted meanings, can become ambiguous or acquire an unfavorable connotation.

(( Procedure for Moderating Vacancies

1. Moderate job vacancies between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM.

2. The moderator reserves the right to reject announcements on the site without providing an explanation.

3. The moderator reserves the right to edit or delete job postings in the event of a violation of these rules.

4. If the Employer violates these rules, the moderator may block the Employer's account, delete their page, and remove all related job postings.