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How a good leader should behave

To achieve the goal of becoming a leader «from God» requires systematic work on yourself. The main thing to realize is that subordinates are people who can have their own opinion. There is a category of workers who perceive information in a respectful conversation, for raising their voices, they do not listen to constructive criticism, so it is impossible to explain to the staff something by shouting. The problem of building the right relationships with people, the ability to establish contact with them is not seldom a stumbling block for managers in the budgetary sphere.

How a good leader should behave

Who is he, a good leader

In any organization, when selecting candidates from staff for a managerial position, attention is given to avoiding the extremes of overly liberal or authoritarian approaches to managing. Like many situations in life, a middle ground is needed. Achieving an optimal balance between being a tyrant and being too passive requires understanding people.

Cases of employees lacking initiative due to ineffective management approaches are not uncommon. A lack of motivation can lead them to perform only the minimum required, hindering the growth of the organization. This behavior is often a result of fear of being terminated and can cause issues for the company's progress. A lack of motivation can lead them to perform only the minimum required, hindering the growth of the organization. Moreover, such individuals tend to ignore tasks beyond their job description and, in instances of low workload, may spend excessive time on personal tasks on their computers. If an employee wishes to be free from the attention of their bosses for a while and is engaged in a project that lacks a clear deadline, they may find many reasons why they are less motivated to work. Effective management can prevent these situations and properly motivate staff.

It is important for the boss to show respect and understanding, and lead by example to demonstrate how to act. For example, forbidding others to smoke and at the same time doing it yourself is an indicator of the attitude to yourself as a privileged person. This will be immediately noticed by staff and will cause resentment among subordinates.

Situations are different

Sometimes, subordinates make mistakes not because of carelessness, but due to a lack of understanding. Prevent such situations by providing advanced training to employees on relevant topics, such as organizing tenders. In budget organizations, there is often a reluctance to deal with emerging laws. For instance, in a research institute, misunderstandings between the accounting department, lawyer, and employees often arise due to a lack of knowledge about each other's areas of expertise. Consequently, instead of solving problems, colleagues tend to shift the responsibility to one another, causing issues to persist. Eventually, a researcher might find themselves an outlier due to their lack of experience in interpreting tender laws and other issues that a physicist or chemist by education may have to confront. As a rule, an employee who gets involved in a similar situation receives a reprimand from the boss, even though they are not at fault but simply engaged in the wrong activity. The reality is that without this employee, the accounting department would struggle to comprehend scientific terms, resulting in all the documents being forwarded to the scientist. Unfortunately, this system is flawed. Improvement can only occur if everyone pays attention to their colleague's basic knowledge. For this purpose, it is necessary to hold a meeting and provide each potential performer with samples of paperwork and the stages of work.

Rules of good behavior

If you aspire to become a supervisor, there are several rules to follow. Paying attention to your subordinates requires remembering or recording their full names and dates of birth.

The supervisor should be more versatile than a worker specialized in any one area of activity, regardless of whether they lead a link, unit, or organization. The head's task is to review the output of documents, articles, projects, and always approach the text with a fresh perspective. In contrast, a subordinate who has been working on it for several days or more may be too close to the material. Naturally, one can spot inaccuracies in the document's presentation.

There's no need to depict the employee as superficial or constantly imply that they're superior to their fellow performers in terms of skills and knowledge. Requests for everyday tasks should be articulated in a narrative format without emotional coloring. One should also make a clear distinction between routine tasks that need no sentiment. Recognizing the individual merits of the employee is also mandatory.

A common mistake made by managers is the inclination to maintain absolute control. To cultivate a culture of innovation, it is imperative to encourage employees' desire to take the lead. This approach is counterintuitive and may discourage employees from taking initiative, perceiving it as futile. Employees' contribution to the collective goal should be acknowledged. Listening to their viewpoints demonstrates awareness and fosters camaraderie. Employees' contribution to the collective goal should be acknowledged. It is essential to carefully consider and address all suggestions provided by the individual receiving repairs. If necessary, offer guidance or explain why certain options may not be suitable. Additionally, discuss any potential ideas or solutions with the person.

It is important to not overlook issues related to the organization of a comfortable work environment such as inadequate lighting, improper temperature control, and technological failures like computers or electricity. It is important to create a journal or electronic document to record employee feedback on how to improve working conditions. Additionally, it is crucial to discuss important decisions with subordinates to show their opinions are valued and promote team commitment. An essential trait of an effective manager is openness in sharing information about the company's operations and surrounding environment.

To order or not to order

It is not advisable for a boss to command employees to perform tasks that are not related to their position. Avoid pushing subordinates to complete tasks quickly through coercion. For instance, making the accountant mop the floor or other similar errors. A manager who disregards office decorum is bound to incur the wrath of their subordinates.

Offering assistance in challenging situations lays the foundation for establishing excellent employee relationships. If the process is moving slowly, it's important to provide guidance and assistance to speed up the pace. However, avoid using phrases such as "let's go faster" that might create unnecessary pressure. During dialogues, use expressions that emphasize the significance of each action for the company. It's essential to express your vision of the matter gently. When providing criticism to a subordinate, it's best to conduct it privately and in a calm tone while also taking the time to listen to their arguments.

Poor work performance by a subordinate often results from a misunderstanding of the requirements. One technique to avoid this is to have the employee repeat the task as explained by the supervisor. It's important to remember that the boss is not always right and can make mistakes. Recognizing and correcting those mistakes can only increase the boss's reputation as an understanding leader in the team.

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