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Prevention of office syndrome

You stay late at the office, you give your all to your work, you love it sincerely. And at some point, fatigue, irritability and moping start to set in, along with neck and back pain, heavy legs, migraines and deteriorating eyesight.

This set of uncomfortable symptoms, commonly known as "office syndrome," is caused by inactivity, regular stress, and prolonged eye strain, among other typical work-related factors. Unfortunately, most office workers experience this syndrome. However, with proper attention to your well-being, it can be prevented.

Prevention of office syndrome

Proper organization of work in the office

Properly organizing the workplace is crucial for sustaining the well-being of office workers. Adequate lighting is necessary for comfortable work with both computers and documents, neither too dim nor too bright. Ensuring that the light source, whether natural or artificial, does not produce glare on the monitor is of the utmost importance. Therefore, a workstation located near a window on the sunny side or under a bright lamp can hardly be considered ideal. However, this issue can be easily resolved by using blinds or relocating the desk.

To ensure that office work does not negatively impact one's health, it is essential to have a suitable table, preferably a dedicated work desk, equipped with a keyboard shelf. An adjustable tilt on the keyboard shelf is a great feature. A chair or armchair is even more crucial for the overall ergonomic setup. The chair should have armrests and a high backrest that reaches your shoulder blades. Adjusting the height is crucial for a perfect posture, making it easier to keep your back and arms in the correct position. With the assistance of a thoughtful boss, you have successfully eliminated all of the workplace organization errors. However, that's only half the battle...

Medical advice

  • Ensure proper posture while sitting at your desk at work. Keep both feet on the floor, avoid crossing or placing one foot on top of the other. Maintain a straight back (maximum deviation angle of 110 degrees), shoulders aligned, and elbows close to your torso.
  • Protect your eyes by adjusting the monitor's frequency for maximum comfort. Blink frequently to avoid dryness of the mucous membrane. Take a moment each hour to rest your eyes from the computer. Try this exercise during your breaks: close your eyes and rotate them 6 times clockwise, then 6 times counterclockwise.
  • Prolonged sitting at an office desk can negatively impact blood flow to your legs and pelvis, so make sure to take periodic walks to keep your blood circulating.
  • At least a couple of times during the working day perform special exercises to prevent "office syndrome", which can be done without getting up from the desk.

Exercises against "office syndrome"

  1. Do some circular foot movements and then perform heel-to-toe and back-to-toe lifts.
  2. Raise your arms upward and draw your shoulder blades together. Hold this position briefly, then reach your hands to your shoulder blades. Complete ten repetitions of this exercise.
  3. Sit on the edge of a chair with your arms resting on the seat, lean back and tilt your head. Then, return to the starting position and repeat ten more times.
  4. Straighten your shoulders and extend them forward, repeating this movement ten times.
  5. Next, interlock your fingers and bring your hands behind your back for ten repetitions.
  6. Assume a straight posture while visualizing a pencil in your teeth. Use that imaginary pencil to inscribe the numbers one through ten, and then repeat this in reverse order to complete the exercise.

Good health and career success!

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