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Jobtable — Privacy Policy

1. General Provisions

1.1 This Policy outlines how Jobtable LLC processes and protects the personal data of individuals who have provided their information on the website www.jobtable.com. The Policy is in compliance with applicable laws.

1.2 The Company's Regulation on Personal Data Processing in the Database (referred to as the Regulation) is a local act that outlines the policy for processing personal data in the Database.

1.3 The Company aims to comply with legislation regarding the processing and protection of personal data stored in the Database.

1.4 The Operator organizes processing based on the following principles:
- Of law and justice;
- Process only personal data that serve their intended purpose;
- Ensure that the personal data being processed aligns with the stated purposes of processing;
- It is not permissible to merge databases that contain personal data processed for incompatible purposes;
- The operator must ensure the accuracy, sufficiency, and relevance of personal data for the purposes of processing. If necessary, measures must be taken to delete or clarify incomplete or inaccurate data;
- Personal data should only be stored in a way that allows identification of the data subject for as long as necessary for the purposes of processing.

1.5 Personal data, as defined by these regulations, includes the following: position, desired salary, work schedule, employment status, name, gender, date of birth, marital status, children, photo, education level, work experience, skills, phone number, email address, driver's license, car availability, medical book availability, and any other data about the subject of personal data obtained by the Operator from publicly available sources or placed by the User on the Operator's website independently.

1.6 The User may give consent for the posting of their personal data in writing, including via email.

2. Processing Personal Data

2.1 The Operator's processing of personal data, as defined in these Regulations, involves placing the User's personal data on the Operator's website.

2.2 Users post all personal data on the Operator's website either by registering on the website or by giving subsequent consent to the Operator to post and process their personal data.

2.3 By registering on the Operator's website, you fully and unconditionally consent to and accept the terms and conditions of these Regulations.

2.4 If you do not object or raise any concerns within 15 days of being notified that your personal data has been placed on the Operator's website and receiving a copy of this Regulation, or if you directly consent to such placement in your correspondence with the Operator, it means that you accept the terms of this Regulation.

2.5 The purpose of posting personal data is to create opportunities for employment, establish business relationships, and provide a networking space for exchanging information and experiences.

2.6 The Operator can receive a profit by posting Users' personal data.

2.7 The Operator must promptly notify the User if their personal data is lost.

3. Ensure the security of personal data

3.1 The Operator ensures the security of personal data by implementing legal, organizational, technical, and software measures. These measures are necessary and sufficient to meet the requirements of federal legislation on personal data protection.

3.2 To prevent unauthorized access to personal data, the Operator must take the following organizational and technical measures: use short and straightforward sentences, use active voice, present information in a logical order, use verb phrases, aim for standard sentence structure, ensure grammatical correctness, use simple vocabulary, and make the language accessible to a broad audience. The content of the improved text must be as close as possible to the source text:
- Officials responsible for organizing the processing and protection of personal data should be appointed;
- Limit and regulate employee access to personal data;
- Limitation and regulation of employees having access to personal data;
- Determination of threats to personal data security during their processing, formation of threat models on their basis;
- Verify that information protection measures are ready and efficient;
- Implement a system that allows users to access information resources, software, and hardware for information processing and protection in a permissive manner;
- The personal data information system is password-protected to ensure user access is secure;
- The antivirus control prevents the introduction of malicious programs, such as viruses and software bookmarks, into the corporate network;
- The Operator's corporate network is monitored for any unauthorized access or activity that violates or could potentially violate the established requirements for personal data security;
- The personal data protection system is managed centrally;
- Information Backup;
- Employees will receive training on how to use information protection measures in personal data information systems;
- Documentation for operational and technical information protection means and their accounting;
- Use information protection measures that have undergone the conformity assessment procedure as required;
- Monitor user actions and conduct proceedings for violations of personal data security requirements.

4. User Rights

4.1 The Operator's website must remove a User's personal data upon request.

4.2 The Operator agrees to delete the User's personal data within three working days of receiving the relevant request.

4.3 The user can modify their personal data, as long as it does not infringe on private or public interests.

4.4 Each user has the right to request information from the operator about the processing of their personal data, clarify their personal data, and make partial changes.

5. Liability and Authorization of Fees Procedure

5.1 The Operator and Users are responsible for not fulfilling or improperly fulfilling the Policy.

5.2 The Operator is not responsible for any inaccurate data that Users post about themselves.

5.3 The user is responsible for providing accurate and truthful information about themselves and must not mislead third parties about their identity or information.

5.4 If there are any disputes, the User and the Operator should try to resolve them through negotiation.

5.5 If negotiations fail to resolve disputes, they will be considered at the Operator's location.

6. Final clause

6.1 The Personal Data Operator's rights and obligations are determined by the country's personal data legislation.

6.2 The legislation in force determines who is responsible for violating the norms that regulate the processing and protection of personal data.