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Team Relationships

The average modern American spends a significant portion of their life interacting with coworkers. It is not surprising that relationships in a team often extend beyond the workplace. Colleagues can become friends, but psychologists specializing in labor relations warn that workplace friendships can have pitfalls. What dangers lurk in these relationships?

Team Relationships

Let's face it: a friendly and warm atmosphere in the office benefits both the work process and the professional development of each employee. However, such a positive climate is usually based on friendly relationships within the team, rather than on friendship. True friendship can withstand the test of work, but only under two indispensable conditions. First, friends must not mix their personal and professional lives. Secondly, if tactfulness and mutual respect are always present between friends and colleagues, problems can be avoided.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to comply with these conditions, which is where problems often begin. In the best case scenario, this results in gossip about other employees and superiors within a 'warm and friendly circle', which can harm overall team relationships. At worst, one friend may be tempted to use their close relationship with a colleague to create a more comfortable work environment or to promote themselves.

What are we discussing? For instance, a scenario where an employee performs tasks for a friend, covers for them in front of the boss, and so on. This behavior is problematic on its own, but it becomes even worse when the victim of this mercenary friendship realizes they have been used. Conflict arises, and the entire business suffers, along with the former friends. Personally, you may hold friendships in high regard, but you should avoid exploiting them. Are you certain that you won't become a workhorse, obediently performing tasks for yourself and others? This is how psychologists justify their recommendation to separate work relationships from friendships.

Finally, let's address another question that may arise for every working person: recommendations for bosses to hire their friends for open positions in the company. HR specialists and psychologists agree that recommending a friend for a job can be risky. If either the friend or the employer is dissatisfied, the recommender may be blamed. It's best to support job-seeking friends in other ways and avoid recommending them to your employer to protect both your friendship and your career.

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December 04, 2023
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You stay late at the office, you give your all to your work, you love it sincerely. And at some point, fatigue, irritability and moping start to set in, along with neck and back pain, heavy legs, migraines and deteriorating eyesight.

This set of uncomfortable symptoms, commonly known as "office syndrome," is caused by inactivity, regular stress, and prolonged eye strain, among other typical work-related factors. Unfortunately, most office workers experience this syndrome. However, with proper attention to your well-being, it can be prevented.

Proper organization of work in the office

Properly organizing the workplace is crucial for sustaining the well-being of office workers. Adequate lighting is necessary for comfortable work with both computers and documents, neither too dim nor too bright. Ensuring that the light source, whether natural or artificial, does not produce glare on the monitor is of the utmost importance. Therefore, a workstation located near a window on the sunny side or under a bright lamp can hardly be considered ideal. However, this issue can be easily resolved by using blinds or relocating the desk.

To ensure that office work does not negatively impact one's health, it is essential to have a suitable table, preferably a dedicat

December 10, 2023
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To achieve the goal of becoming a leader «from God» requires systematic work on yourself. The main thing to realize is that subordinates are people who can have their own opinion. There is a category of workers who perceive information in a respectful conversation, for raising their voices, they do not listen to constructive criticism, so it is impossible to explain to the staff something by shouting. The problem of building the right relationships with people, the ability to establish contact with them is not seldom a stumbling block for managers in the budgetary sphere

Who is he, a good leader

In any organization, when selecting candidates from staff for a managerial position, attention is given to avoiding the extremes of overly liberal or authoritarian approaches to managing. Like many situations in life, a middle ground is needed. Achieving an optimal balance between being a tyrant and being too passive requires understanding people.

Cases of employees lacking initiative due to ineffective management approaches are not uncommon. A lack of motivation can lead them to perform only the minimum required, hindering the growth of the organization. This behavior is often a result of fear of being terminated and can cause issues for the company'

August 07, 2023
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The time has come to expand our workforce, either at the departmental or company level. On the one hand, this expansion is indicative of our company's growth, which is undoubtedly a reason for celebration. On the other hand, you may be wondering whether you or local managers are capable of efficiently managing an increased number of subordinates.

You wouldn't want to create an extra management post as it may be an unnecessary layer in the chain of command. In brief, your obstacle is the manageability standard that is the subject of much discussion and analysis in today's business world.

February 05, 2023
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Few people enjoy being laid off. However, many people who have lost their jobs look back and see the layoff as a turning point in their careers. It was the event that caused them to reevaluate their skills, find a suitable job that better showcased their strengths and offered more promising career-building opportunities.

We offer some useful tips to help you look positively at your departure from your "favorite" company and understand the direction in which you need to move forward.

New options

Consider exploring fresh career opportunities in other businesses even if you aim for a similar position to the one you previously held.

Take your time in your search and compile a list of your notable skills and experiences to use as keywords when scouring job search websites for viable options.

Additionally, consider consulting your network or trusted recruitment agencies for more exciting and promising job offers. There are often more career options available than you may realize, providing an opportunity to pursue a more engaging and promising path.

March 23, 2022
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Employee motivation is a crucial factor in determining the success or failure of a company. Although some managers still neglect staff motivation, their numbers are decreasing. It is widely accepted that high motivation leads to success, while low motivation leads to failure. This article is intended for those who are attempting to motivate their subordinates but have not yet achieved satisfactory results.

We will not discuss the financial aspect of the issue at this time. If you have a motivational program in place, it likely includes material incentives. Additionally, introducing monetary methods of motivating employees is not a straightforward process that is equally available to all organizations. Our task is to provide simple, universal ways to combat low motivation. Let's begin.