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Resolving Workplace Conflicts

Conflict situations are common in any workplace that consists of living people, rather than robots. However, it is important to address conflicts at work rather than letting them fester. The good news is that most conflicts can be resolved or even prevented. The methods used to address conflicts should be chosen based on the underlying cause of tension and dissatisfaction. Here are some common reasons for conflicts and ways to resolve them.

Resolving Workplace Conflicts

The management has favorites

When a team member consistently outperforms their colleagues, managers may unintentionally favor them with bonuses and praise. This can cause resentment among other team members and lead to conflicts. The favorite's colleagues are irritated, which often leads to conflicts.

How to Prevent

  • Avoid comparing employees to each other verbally. Instead, focus on the past and present performance of each individual employee.
  • When discussing mistakes and shortcomings, do so in private.
  • Encourage teamwork whenever possible.

In cases where the favorite has earned their privileged position not through work successes, but through personal sympathy from the manager, friendship, or family ties with their superiors, it is difficult to resolve conflicts using the methods listed above. The only option in this situation is to prohibit the appearance of such favorites. Otherwise, you risk losing the respect of your subordinates.

Gender pay gap

Do some employees in the team receive significantly more than others when performing similar functions? This can lead to conflicts at work, even if the larger salary is justified by better results. This can lead to conflicts at work, even if the larger salary is justified by better results. This can lead to conflicts at work, even if the larger salary is justified by better results. Some people may consider it undeserved.

How to Prevent

  • Communicate clear salary setting criteria to all employees.
  • Explain to subordinates why a colleague is paid more than others based on seniority or additional responsibilities.
  • Have a personal one-on-one discussion with the most disgruntled employee.
  • If this does not resolve the issue, consider making the company's remuneration policy confidential, prohibiting the disclosure of employee salaries.

Conflict of interests in the competition for customers

Conflicts among salespeople often arise when their client bases overlap. The financial reward for the conflict participants depends on who ultimately secures the client, which can intensify the conflict.

How to Prevent

  • Ensure that the spheres of influence of sales consultants and managers are clearly defined.
  • Avoid giving certain employees, such as long-time employees, advantages that others do not have.
  • If a conflict arises, strive for fairness or, better yet, find a compromise to resolve it.

A former team member who was previously in a rank-and-file position has been promoted to the role of team leader

It is common and commendable for management to appoint the head of a department or branch as an ordinary employee. However, this situation often leads to conflicts at work due to the dissatisfaction of the nominee's former colleagues who are now their subordinates. Some consider the appointment unfair, while others are simply jealous.

How to Prevent

  • Communicate to all employees the reasons for appointing this particular person and the criteria used to make the choice.
  • Identify an informal leader among the disgruntled and bring them closer to the new manager.
  • Supervise the new manager during their first months in the management position, provide advice, and monitor the team's climate.

Resentment towards the new employee's arrival

Sometimes, a new employee may not fit in with the existing team due to their unwillingness or inability to conform to established corporate norms of behavior and their slow adaptation. This can cause dissatisfaction among the more experienced members of the team.

How to Prevent

  • Have a conversation with the new specialist about the company's values and principles.
  • Either supervise the process of the new employee's adaptation yourself with full attention or appoint a responsible person from a lower level of management.
  • If this does not help, it may be best to part ways with the employee and find a more suitable candidate.

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December 04, 2023
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This set of uncomfortable symptoms, commonly known as "office syndrome," is caused by inactivity, regular stress, and prolonged eye strain, among other typical work-related factors. Unfortunately, most office workers experience this syndrome. However, with proper attention to your well-being, it can be prevented.

Proper organization of work in the office

Properly organizing the workplace is crucial for sustaining the well-being of office workers. Adequate lighting is necessary for comfortable work with both computers and documents, neither too dim nor too bright. Ensuring that the light source, whether natural or artificial, does not produce glare on the monitor is of the utmost importance. Therefore, a workstation located near a window on the sunny side or under a bright lamp can hardly be considered ideal. However, this issue can be easily resolved by using blinds or relocating the desk.

To ensure that office work does not negatively impact one's health, it is essential to have a suitable table, preferably a dedicat

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To achieve the goal of becoming a leader «from God» requires systematic work on yourself. The main thing to realize is that subordinates are people who can have their own opinion. There is a category of workers who perceive information in a respectful conversation, for raising their voices, they do not listen to constructive criticism, so it is impossible to explain to the staff something by shouting. The problem of building the right relationships with people, the ability to establish contact with them is not seldom a stumbling block for managers in the budgetary sphere

Who is he, a good leader

In any organization, when selecting candidates from staff for a managerial position, attention is given to avoiding the extremes of overly liberal or authoritarian approaches to managing. Like many situations in life, a middle ground is needed. Achieving an optimal balance between being a tyrant and being too passive requires understanding people.

Cases of employees lacking initiative due to ineffective management approaches are not uncommon. A lack of motivation can lead them to perform only the minimum required, hindering the growth of the organization. This behavior is often a result of fear of being terminated and can cause issues for the company'

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The time has come to expand our workforce, either at the departmental or company level. On the one hand, this expansion is indicative of our company's growth, which is undoubtedly a reason for celebration. On the other hand, you may be wondering whether you or local managers are capable of efficiently managing an increased number of subordinates.

You wouldn't want to create an extra management post as it may be an unnecessary layer in the chain of command. In brief, your obstacle is the manageability standard that is the subject of much discussion and analysis in today's business world.

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Few people enjoy being laid off. However, many people who have lost their jobs look back and see the layoff as a turning point in their careers. It was the event that caused them to reevaluate their skills, find a suitable job that better showcased their strengths and offered more promising career-building opportunities.

We offer some useful tips to help you look positively at your departure from your "favorite" company and understand the direction in which you need to move forward.

New options

Consider exploring fresh career opportunities in other businesses even if you aim for a similar position to the one you previously held.

Take your time in your search and compile a list of your notable skills and experiences to use as keywords when scouring job search websites for viable options.

Additionally, consider consulting your network or trusted recruitment agencies for more exciting and promising job offers. There are often more career options available than you may realize, providing an opportunity to pursue a more engaging and promising path.

March 23, 2022
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Employee motivation is a crucial factor in determining the success or failure of a company. Although some managers still neglect staff motivation, their numbers are decreasing. It is widely accepted that high motivation leads to success, while low motivation leads to failure. This article is intended for those who are attempting to motivate their subordinates but have not yet achieved satisfactory results.

We will not discuss the financial aspect of the issue at this time. If you have a motivational program in place, it likely includes material incentives. Additionally, introducing monetary methods of motivating employees is not a straightforward process that is equally available to all organizations. Our task is to provide simple, universal ways to combat low motivation. Let's begin.